WMDD Series 316L Stainless Steel Enclosure Wall Mounted with Double Door


SKU: N4X6-244208WMDD-M12736 Adalet

Wall-Mounted Double Door enclosures are used indoors and outdoors to house such items as electronic/electrical controls, instrumentation systems, and pneumatic, hydraulic, and machine tool controls. These enclosures are designed to provide protection against dust, dirt, oil and water.

Applications for Double Door Enclosures

Double door enclosures are suitable for use in petrochemical plants, dairies, breweries, food processing areas and similar environments where they are subject to frequent high pressure hosing and generally wet conditions. The Type 4X rating and stainless steel construction also allows for installation in areas where severe corrosion problems may exist.

Standard Features  

•  Continuous hinge (removable hinge pin)
•  Wall mounting feet
•  Watertight urethane gasket
•  Lockable 3 point latch handle
•  Heavy duty Type 316 lifting bolts
•  Removable center post for panel installation
•  Print pocket
•  3/8” Collar studs for optional mounting panel (mounting panels sold separately)
• Grounding studs on inside of box and cover

Design Options 

•  Painted steel and stainless steel mounting panels
•  Laser cut entries or cut-outs
•  Terminal blocks or other componenet assembly
•  Print pockets
•  Swing panel / dead front panel
•  Louvers, fans and filters
•  Quick release latches
•  Epoxy paint or powder coating
•  Custom sizes
•  12 gauge material thickness
•  Drip shields and sun shields
•  Window kits


•  14 and 16 gauge / Type 316L stainless steel
•  Stainless steel hardware
•  #3 or #4 brushed finish


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