Altelix Outdoor Weatherproof Emergency Phone Call Box for Slim-Line Phones, Yellow 14x11x5 with Emergency Phone Label


SKU: TBP14Y-1 Altelix

  • High Visibility Yellow
  • Aluminum Mounting Plate with Wall Mount RJ11 Telephone Jack
  • Emergency Phone Label
  • For Compact Slim-Line Telephones up to 3.5 Inches Depth
  • Water Resistant Enclosure Design with Gasketed Lid
  • NEMA Type 3, 3X / IP55 Rated
  • UV and Corrosion Resistant
  • Dust Proof and Vandal Resistant
  • Durable PC+ABS Polycarbonate / ABS Blend Construction
  • Includes Cable Grommets and Wall Mounting Hardware
  • Optional Pole Mounting Kit Available
  • Emergency Phone Call Box
  • Weatherproof Phone Call Box
  • Tunnel and Mining Installations
  • Railroad Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Mills & Refineries
  • Cement and Chemical Plants
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Warehouses and Loading Docks
  • Marinas and Marine Terminals
  • Golf Courses and Recreational Areas
  • Building Maintenance Areas
  • Building Rooftop or Basement
  • Parking Lots and Garages
  • Security Call Box
  • Valet Call Box


The Altelix TBP14Y-1 Yellow Weatherproof Emergency Phone Enclosure for Slim-Line Telephones is ideal for deploying compact low-profile emergency telephones in outdoor locations and harsh environments.

This durable dustproof and waterproof telephone enclosure is ideal for installing emergency telephones in schools, on pool decks, golf courses, loading docks, public buildings and commercial properties.

This durable NEMA 3X enclosure is molded out of UV resistant PC+ABS, a high tech blend of polycarbonate and ABS which combines the best qualities of both into a single material. PC+ABS enclosures maintain high toughness, durability and dimensional stability even at extreme cold and hot temperatures. The door is gasketed for use in dusty or wet areas.

Inside features an aluminum mounting plate with a standard RJ11 telephone wall mount jack. An aluminum wire cover cable grommet are provided on the bottom of the enclosure for the telephone wire.

The enclosure can be wall mounted using the included anchors. The mounting hardware is concealed within the enclosure for a finished appearance and enhanced security. An optional pole mount kit is also available.

High Visibility Yellow with Emergency Phone Label
This enclosure is molded in high-visibility yellow and features a red and white weatherproof UV resistant Emergency Phone label on the door.

*Installation Note:
This enclosure is for use with Compact Slim-Line style phones up to 3.5 inches overall depth. For internal dimensions of the TBP14 enclosure please see the Technical Specs table.