Heartland Series - Polycarbonate Enclosures with Non - Metallic Hinge and Stainless Steel Latches - Includes Non - Metallic Latches and Padlock Provision


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The Heartland (AH) Series are high performance, polycarbonate enclosures applicable for heavy industrial conditions, but with a refined style suitable for commercial, industrial and OEM design applications.

The polycarbonate resin in the Heartland Series attained the best available “F1” rating, having passed critical tests for UV exposure and water immersion.

Heartland Series enclosures are rain-tight and watertight rated for use in both interior and exterior applications. Material ratings, as well as product ratings, assure the user that polycarbonate is designed to perform, without adverse affects, in cold weather applications.

Of significant protective value: corrosion-resistant polycarbonate can be effectively used across a wide range of aggressive environments.


  • Latches and hinges do not penetrate enclosure
  • Easy to remove lid
  • High performance inserts
  • Integrated padlock hasp
  • Flush-fit side mount swing panel and DIN rail system
  • Molded in bosses
  • Multi-directional mounting feet
  • Available in standard opaque or clear cover options


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