230 Protective Case

Seahorse SKU: 230FML


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    The Seahorse 230 comes equipped with an automatic pressure purge system, molded padlock hole that fits standard Masterlocks®, and duel safety locking latches. It is offered in 2 variations; completely empty (230) or with multilayer protective cubed matrix Accuform foam (230F). Additional customization options include keyed locking latches in chrome metal or non-corrosive plastic. Certified MIL-STD810F 512.4 and IP67 rating.

    Outside Dimensions Length Width Height
    11.9 in 8.6 in 4.8 in
    30 cm 22 cm 12 cm
    Inside Dimensions Length Width Height
    10.6 in 6.1 in 4.0 in
    27 cm 15 cm 10 cm
    Case Weight Shipping Weight
    230F (with foam) 2.65lb 3lb
    230 (without foam) 2.15lb 3lb