Power Module with 120VAC Outlets for NS161608, NX161608, NS201612, NX201612 and NS241612 Enclosures

Altelix SKU: NHM16A-A1C


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The Altelix NHM16A-A1C Power Module with 120VAC Outlets is designed for use with the Altelix NS Series painted steel enclosures and NX Series stainless steel enclosures. This power module is a direct replacement for the steel access panel included with the NS and NX enclosures.

Power Module
The NHM16A-A1C is constructed from 0.10" (2.5mm) thick aluminum and features a pre-wired duplex 120VAC power outlet and a pre-wired 5 foot power cord, so no additional wiring is required.

The NHM16A-A1 is for use with the following enclosures:

  • NS161608 Series
  • NX161608 Series
  • NS201612 Series
  • NX201612 Series
  • NS241612 Series
Panel Material Aluminum
Panel Thickness 0.10 in. (2.5 mm)
Voltage 120VAC
Power Cord Length 5 Feet (1.5m)
Hole Diameter for Cable Gland 0.875 in. (22.2 mm)
Cable Gland - Cable Diameter Range* 0.1" to 0.3" (2.5 to 7.6mm)
Max. Connector Size That Can Pass Through Cable Gland 0.5" (12.7mm) Wide
For applications requiring larger cable diameters, the Altelix cable gland can be replaced with a standard PG-16 cable gland.