Altelix 16x20X12 Fiberglass Weatherproof Vented NEMA Enclosure with Dual Cooling Fans with 85 degree turn on, 120 VAC Outlets

Altelix SKU: NF162012VFA1-85


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  • New 16x20x12 Size Ideal for Wider Equipment as well as 19" Wide Equipment Racks!
  • (2) 85°F (30°C) Turn-On Thermostat Controlled Cooling Fans with 4" Vents, Rain Shields and Screens
  • Four Pre-Wired 120VAC Outlets
  • Removable 120VAC Power Terminal Block
  • Aluminum Equipment Mounting Plate
  • Extra Deep Extended Lid for Increased Equipment Clearance
  • Stainless Steel Hinges with High Quality 316 Steel Hinge Pins
  • Stainless Steel Quick Release Latches with Padlock Hasps
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester, FRP
  • Weatherproof, UV Stable and Highly Corrosion Resistant
  • NEMA Type 3R, 3RX / IP24 Rated
  • Includes Cable Glands and Stainless Steel Mounting Feet
  • RF Transparent Enclosure
  • Pole Mounting Kit Available
  • Rapid Deployment Systems
  • Harsh Environments
  • WiFi Enclosure
  • 19" Wide Equipment Racks (NF162012VFA1-85 Only)
  • RFID Reader Enclosure
  • IoT Sensors
  • SCADA Remote Terminal Unit
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Outdoor use of Indoor Equipment
  • Protection from Vandalism
  • Concealment of Electronic Equipment
  • Building Automation Controls
  • Industrial Controls Enclosure

Fan Cooled Weatherproof Protection and 120VAC Power Outlets

The Altelix NF162012V/NF201612V Series Enclosures are designed with all the same rugged components as our NF14 Series enclosures, but in a larger size to accommodate larger and more equipment. This enclosure features four pre-wired 120VAC power outlets and a quick-connect terminal strip are provided for easy wiring by a qualified installer. The finished aluminum equipment mounting plate can be easily drilled by the installer for unique application requirements.

Dual Cooling Fans - 85°F (30°C) Turn-On
The NF162012VFA1-85/NF201612VFAI-85 is designed for applications which require the cooling fans to turn on at a lower temperature than our standard fan cooled enclosures. The low noise, high airflow fans help maintain lower internal temperatures by providing air flow through the enclosure. The fans turn on when the internal temperature reaches 85°F (30°C) and turns off when it drops to 59°F (15°C). Both fans are wired internally so they do not require the use of the AC outlets leaving them available for internal equipment use. Rain shrouds on the front door keep rain water from entering the enclosure.

Extreme Protection Built to Last
This rugged JIC style NEMA box is molded from durable UV stable and corrosion resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) with a UL94-5V flame rating. The FRP material is dent-proof, non-conductive and RF transparent for compatibility with wireless equipment. It can be easily drilled and modified by the installer as needed. These enclosures feature improved stainless steel hinges with high quality 316 steel hinge pins for lasting durability in even the harshest of coastal conditions. The gasketed door includes stainless steel quick release latches with padlock hasps.

Increased Interior Space
The NF162012V/NF201612V series enclosures feature an extra deep lid, over 3 inches deep. With the generous size of this enclosure and extended lid the NF162012V/NF201612V can accommodate a wide range of equipment.

Cable Glands
The enclosure features our unique PG-16 cable glands with a closed inner seal. They are installed in the open ports to maintain the NEMA rating of the enclosure when not in use. When required for use, simply punch a hole through the inner membrane, run your cables and tighten for a water-tight seal.

Removable Terminal Block
This enclosure features our 120VAC top entry terminal block. It is easily removable which helps simplify on-site wiring. It can accept wires sizes from 12 to 18 AWG. The wires are secured by side terminal screws.

Stainless steel brackets are included for secure wall mounting. Optional flange and pole mounting kits are available.