N4X FG Large Series Fiberglass Enclosures with Twist Latch and Padlock Provision

Adalet SKU: N4X-FG-201606CH-23378


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Protect against elements such as dust, dirt, oil, and water with large control fiberglass enclosures from Adalet.  Suitable for either outdoor or indoor use, this series of enclosures can house electronic/electrical controls, mechanical controls, and instrumentation systems.

Standard Features

•  Ten standard sizes available        
•  Twist latch for quick entry
•  Raised cover for additional usable depth
•  Stainless steel hinged cover
•  Integral mounting flange 
•  Built in padlock hasp
•  Mounting bosses with threaded brass inserts for mounting panel installation
•  Poured polyurethane gasket provides water-tight, dust-tight seal
•  Light weight and impact resistant

Design Options

•  Mounting panels
•  Drilled entries and cut-outs available
•  Molded in custom colors
•  Silk screening, paint, and decals


•  Hot compression molded fiberglass reinforced polyester (thermoset)
•  Non-corrosive and UV resistant
•  Smooth surface, no color variations, swirls, or color pockets
•  Non-flame propagating and chemical resistant
•  Color described as Light Gray


Catalog Spec Sheet



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