C3R Series Nema 3R Painted Galvanized Steel Enclosures with Hinged Screw Cover and Padlock Hasp C3R HCRMD Series


SKU: C3R16126HCR Hammond Manufacturing

Designed for use as a wiring/junction box.  Provides protection against rain, sleet, snow and dripping water.


    • Formed and spot welded from 16 or 14 gauge galvanized steel.
    • Drip shield top and seam-free sides, front and back.
    • Stainless steel continuous hinge.
    • Cover fastened with captive plated screws.
    • Padlocking hasp.
    • Collar studs provided for mounting optional panels.
    • External mounting feet.
    • Oil resistant gaskets are permanently secured.


    • Enclosure and cover are finished inside and out in ANSI 61 gray powder coating.


    Catalog Spec Sheet



    C3R16126HCR                    C3R16166HCR                    C3R18186HCR

    C3R20166HCR                    C3R20208HCR                    C3R24208HCR

    C3R24248HCR                    C3R30248HCR                    C3R30308HCR

    C3R181810HCR                  C3R242410HCR                  C3R302410HCR

    C3R363610HCR                  C3R303012HCR                  C3R362412HCR

    C3R363012HCR                  C3R423012HCR                  C3R363612HCR

    C3R423612HCR                  C3R483612HCR                  C3R603612HCR

    C3R303016HCR                  C3R483616HCR