Eclipse Series Painted Type 4 Mild Steel Enclosures with Concealed Hinge and Quarter Turn Latch ANSI 61 Gray


SKU: EN4SD12126GY Hammond Manufacturing

Designed to enclose electrical and/or electronic equipment and protect against harsh, industrial environments for wallmount applications.  Impressive styling features like hidden hinges, attractive latching systems make the Eclipse a suitable addition to any high-tech equipment installation.  A wide range of sizes and practical accessories make this product line a complete package.


    • Formed 14 or 16 gauge steel.
    • Smooth, continuously welded seams ground smooth.
    • Door stiffeners are provided where required for increased strength and rigidity designed to also permit additional mounting options.
    • Formed lip on enclosure to exclude flowing liquids and contaminants.
    • Door latches feature the added safety of quarter turn slot requiring use of tool for opening.
    • Doors may be easily removed for modifications and are interchangeable.
    • Seamless poured-in place gasket.
    • Collar studs provided for mounting inner panel.
    • Includes hardware kit with panel mounting nuts and sealing washers for wall mounting holes.
    • Bonding stud provided on door and grounding stud installed in enclosure.
    • Hinges are constructed from 304 stainless steel.
    • Hinge pins are stainless steel.
    • Quarter turn latch and multi-point handle (key lockable) are zinc diecast with black epoxy finish.
    • Door alignment guide provided on 36" wide enclosures.


    • Cover and enclosure are phosphatized and finished with a re-coatable powder inside and out with ANSI 61 smooth Gray.


    Catalog Spec Sheet



    EN4SD12126GY                    EN4SD16126GY                    EN4SD16166GY

    EN4SD16206GY                    EN4SD20166GY                    EN4SD20206GY

    EN4SD24166GY                    EN4SD24206GY                    EN4SD24246GY

    EN4SD16128GY                    EN4SD16168GY                    EN4SD16208GY

    EN4SD20168GY                    EN4SD20208GY                    EN4SD20248GY

    EN4SD24168GY                    EN4SD24208GY                    EN4SD24248GY

    EN4SD24308GY                    EN4SD30208GY                    EN4SD30248GY

    EN4SD30308GY                    EN4SD36248GY                    EN4SD36308GY

    EN4SD36368GY                    EN4SD161210GY                  EN4SD161610GY

    EN4SD162010GY                  EN4SD201610GY                  EN4SD242010GY

    EN4SD242410GY                  EN4SD243010GY                  EN4SD302010GY

    EN4SD302410GY                  EN4SD303010GY                  EN4SD362410GY

    EN4SD363010GY                  EN4SD363610GY                  EN4SD202012GY

    EN4SD242012GY                  EN4SD242412GY                  EN4SD302412GY

    EN4SD303012GY                  EN4SD362412GY                  EN4SD363012GY

    EN4SD363612GY                  EN4SD242416GY                  EN4SD363016GY

    EN4SD242420GY                  EN4SD302420GY                  EN4SD363020GY