Type 12 Mild Steel Modular Freestanding Disconnect Enclosure UHD M Series Hinge Door with Handle (Flange with multi vendor cutout)

Hammond Manufacturing SKU: UHDM724118MFTC


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  • Designed to bolt together in any number of units for maximum flexibility and ease of transportation. The UHDM system consists of a Master enclosure to house the flange mounted disconnect switch and interlocking Slave enclosures which may be added or removed as required. Master enclosure units will accept the following disconnect switches and circuit breakers:
    • ABB Controls flange mounted variable depth operating mechanism for disconnect switches and circuit breakers.
    • Allen Bradley 1494F flange mounted disconnect switches and 1494D flange mounted operators for circuit breakers. Allen Bradley 1494V variable depth flange operated disconnect switches and circuit breaker mechanisms.
    • C-H Westinghouse Type C361 disconnect switches and operator mechanism. Cutler Hammer Type C371 circuit breaker operating mechanisms. Flex Shaft™ handle operators for circuit breakers.
    • General Electric Type STDA flange handles and variable depth operating mechanisms for disconnect switches and circuit breakers. Also Spectra-Flex™ cable operators for circuit breakers.
    • I-T-E Max-Flex™ flange mounted variable depth operating handles for disconnect switches and circuit breakers.
    • Square D disconnect switches and circuit breakers used with Class 9422 flange mounted variable depth operating mechanisms or cable mechanisms. These enclosures will not receive Class 9422 bracket mounted disconnect devices or Class 9422TG1 or TG2 devices.
  • Refer to the Universal Heavy Duty Disconnect Modular Selection Guide.


  • UL 508A Type 12
  • CSA Type 12
  • Complies with
    • NEMA Type 12
    • IEC 60529, IP54
  • Appropriate components are required to maintain these standards.


  • Formed from 10 gauge steel with smooth continuously welded seams.
  • Body stiffeners are provided in the larger enclosures for extra rigidity.
  • Heavy duty lifting eyes are anchored into reinforced top corners.
  • Removable doors are secured with heavy duty lift off hinges.
  • Flange trough collar (FTC) around door excludes liquids and contaminants.
  • Formed 10 gauge steel inner panels are provided on collar studs.
  • Panel supports are provided.
  • Center post is removable, providing easy panel installation.
  • Heavy duty three point latching door mechanism.
  • Side openings are reinforced to provide structural strength, smooth edges and preset gasket compression.
  • Oil resistant gaskets on doors and side openings are permanently secured. No gasket kit is provided.
  • Master door handle complete with screw defeater and padlock hasp.
  • Slave door handle complete with padlock hasp.
  • A mechanical interlock activated by the master door prevents the auxiliary door from being opened first.
  • The universal flange cutout provides mounting for disconnect operators by use of the appropriate operator adaptor kit.
  • A bonding stud is provided in the door and a grounding stud is provided in the enclosure for each door.
  • A literature pocket is provided.
  • Formed End Plates and Flat End Plates
    • Formed from 12 gauge steel.
    • Used to enclose the open end(s) of one or more modular enclosures.
    • Two types are available. No separate gasket kit is required.
  • Flat Barrier Plate
    • Formed from 14 gauge steel.
    • May be used to provide a barrier between modular enclosures. They are supplied complete with gasket.
  • Panel Bridge Kit
    • Formed from 10 gauge steel.
    • May be used to join back panels together between modular enclosures to provide a continuous panel surface.


  • Disconnect switches, circuit breakers and operators are not provided with the enclosure, and must be ordered separately from the manufacturer.


  • Cover and enclosure are phosphatized and finished in recoatable smooth ANSI 61 gray powder coating.
  • Inner panel is finished in white powder coating.