ABS Plastic Miniature Enclosures Snap fit wall mount. Vented Sensor Enclosure

Hammond Manufacturing SKU: 1551V1GY


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Key Features

  • Vented design protects electronics from harmful contact  with hands or tools, but allows entry of air and moisture for applications which require environmental exposure (ex: sensors).
  • Ideally suited for mounting of printed circuit boards.
  • Slots on the base of the enclosure allow for easy wall-mounting.
  • Knockout on the base can be removed with a screwdriver and used for wire entry.
  • Molded in ABS plastic (material has a UL94-HB rating).
  • Choice of four (4) sizes in three (3) colors. Stocked in black, grey, and white.
  • Satin texture finish.
  • Enclosure features a snap-fit assembly and can be reopened repeatedly as needed.  No hardware required.
  • (4) P.C. board standoffs molded into interior (see drawings for details).
  • Designed to meet IP30.


  • To secure P.C. board use self tapping #2 x 3/16" screws (Qty 100 Part number 1553WTS100) not included with enclosure. 

Photo Features


Enclosure base features:
  • A) assembly hooks
  • B) wall-moutning slots
  • C) snap-fit closures
  • D) Wire entry knockout
  • E) PC Board standoffs

Available in four sizes.