Water Tight ABS and Polycarbonate Enclosures RZ Series Opaque or Clear Lid Smooth Surface

Hammond Manufacturing SKU: RZ0362C


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Key Features

  • Designed to meet IP65.
  • Ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards or DIN rail mounted components
  • Gasketed lid with two-piece tongue & groove construction provides protection against access of oil, dist, and water
  • Lid screws are self-captivating (lid holes are threaded with first installation of screws.)
  • All sizes are available with clear polycarbonate lid (part numbers ending in "C")
  • Easy to wall-mount using "through box-blind hole construction" whereby the wall-mounting holes are outside the gasket perimeter.
ABS Plastic Specifications
  • Suggested for indoor use
  • UL Flammability rating of UL94-HB
  • Color: RAL1013
  • Temperature: -30 degrees C to +80 degrees C.
Polycarbonate Specifications
  • Suggested for outdoor use
  • UL Flammability rating of UL94-V2
  • Color: RAL7035
  • Temperature: -40 degrees C to +130 degrees C.
Available In Four Styles

Beige ABS plastic

Beige ABS plastic with clear polycarbonate lid

Light gray polycarbonate

Light gray polycabonate with clear polycarbonate lid

Enclosure is assembled with stainless steel screws into stainless steel inserts.  Wall Mounting holes are outside the gaskets perimeter. 
Internal mounting points designed for printed circuit boards or DIN rail 
Light Gray Polycarbonate Beige ABS Plastic Length Width Depth
Light Gray Polycarbonate w/ Clear Polycarbonate Lid Beige ABS Plastic w/ Clear Polycarbonate Lid
RZ0250 RZ0250C RZ0362 RZ0362C 2.05 1.97 1.38
RZ0256 RZ0256C RZ0366 RZ0366C 3.23 3.15 2.17
RZ0203 RZ0203C RZ0304 RZ0304C 4.53 2.56 1.57
RZ0205 RZ0205C RZ0308 RZ0308C 4.53 2.56 2.17
RZ0212 RZ0212C RZ0311 RZ0311C 4.53 3.54 2.17
RZ0214 RZ0214C RZ0313 RZ0313C 6.73 4.76 2.17
RZ0223 RZ0223C RZ0340 RZ0340C 6.73 4.76 3.15
RZ0269 RZ0269C RZ0373 RZ0373C 7.87 4.72 2.95
RZ0218 RZ0218C RZ0317 RZ0317C 8.74 5.75 2.17
RZ0232 RZ0232C RZ0353 RZ0353C 8.74 5.75 2.95