N4X6 Series 316L Stainless Steel Enclosures with Continuous Hinge and Clamped Cover

Adalet SKU: N4X6-161206-M10203


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    Adalet's N4X6 single door, wall-mount stainless enclosure can be used indoors or outdoors to house items such as pilot devices; electronic or electrical controls; instrumentation systems; and hydraulic, pneumatic and machine tool controls. Our closed-cell, silicone, foam in place gasket, is UV Resistant, Chemical Resistant, and has a Broad Temperature Range. Designed to protect against dust, dirt, oil and water, these corrosion resistant electrical enclosures are ideal for petrochemical plants, dairies, breweries, food processing areas and similar environments where they can be subject to frequent high pressure hosing and generally wet conditions. 



    • Continuous hinge (removable hinge pin)
    • Wall mounting feet
    • Closed-cell, silicone, foam-in-place gasket
    • Stainless steel clamps and screws
    • Four #10-32 weld nuts for optional mounting panels (mounting panels sold separately)
    • Grounding studs on inside of box and cover

     Design Options

    • Painted steel and stainless steel mounting panels
    • Laser cut entries or cut-outs
    • Terminal blocks or other component assembly
    • Print pockets
    • Swing panel / dead front panel
    • Padlock provisions
    • Quick release latches
    • Epoxy paint or powder coating
    • Custom sizes
    • 12 gauge material thickness
    • Drip shields and sun shields
    • Window kits


    • 14 and 16 gauge / Type 316L stainless steel
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • #3 or #4 brushed finish

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      N4X-161206 N4X-202010 N4X-161206 N4X-202010
      N4X-161606 N4X-242010 N4X-161606 N4X-242010
      N4X-162006 N4X-242410 N4X-162006 N4X-242410
      N4X-201606 N4X-302010 N4X-201606 N4X-302010
      N4X-202006 N4X-302410 N4X-202006 N4X-302410
      N4X-202406 N4X-362410 N4X-202406 N4X-362410
      N4X-241206 N4X-363010 N4X-241206 N4X-363010
      N4X-241606 N4X-363610 N4X-241606 N4X-363610
      N4X-423010 N4X-242006 N4X-423010
      N4X-242406 N4X-423610 N4X-242406 N4X-423610
      N4X-302006 N4X-483610 N4X-302006 N4X-483610
      N4X-302406 N4X-603610 N4X-302406 N4X-603610
      N4X-362406 N4X-201612 N4X-362406 N4X-201612
      N4X-363006 N4X-242012 N4X-363006 N4X-242012
      N4X-161208 N4X-242412 N4X-161208 N4X-242412
      N4X-161608 N4X-302412 N4X-161608 N4X-302412
      N4X-162008 N4X-303012 N4X-162008 N4X-303012
      N4X-201608 N4X-362412 N4X-201608 N4X-362412
      N4X-202008 N4X-363012 N4X-202008 N4X-363012
      N4X-202408 N4X-363612 N4X-202408 N4X-363612
      N4X-241608 N4X-423012 N4X-241608 N4X-423012
      N4X-242008 N4X-423612 N4X-242008 N4X-423612
      N4X-242408 N4X-483612 N4X-242408 N4X-483612
      N4X-243008 N4X-603612 N4X-243008 N4X-603612
      N4X-302008 N4X-242016 N4X-302008 N4X-242016
      N4X-302408 N4X-242416 N4X-302408 N4X-242416
      N4X-303008 N4X-302416 N4X-303008 N4X-302416
      N4X-362408 N4X-363016 N4X-362408 N4X-363016
      N4X-363008 N4X-423616 N4X-363008 N4X-423616
      N4X-363608 N4X-483616 N4X-363608 N4X-483616
      N4X-423008 N4X-603616 N4X-423008 N4X-603616
      N4X-423608 N4X-302420 N4X-423608 N4X-302420
      N4X-483608 N4X-363020 N4X-483608 N4X-363020
      N4X-201610 N4X-483620 N4X-201610 N4X-483620
      N4X-603620 N4X-603620
      N4X-302424 N4X-302424