Altelix 17x14x6 PC + ABS Weatherproof Vented Utility Box NEMA Enclosure with Pole Mount Kit

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  • Includes (2) Galvanized Steel Pole Mount Brackets and (2) Stainless Steel Bands
  • Two (2) 3" Vents with Rain Shields and Screens
  • Meets NEMA 3R, 3RX and IP24
  • Weatherproof and UV Stable
  • Durable Polycarbonate + ABS
  • RF Transparent for Wireless Devices
  • Gasketed Lid with Dual Latches
  • Tamper-Proof Locking Screw with Key and Provision for Padlock
  • Includes Cable Grommets, Zip Ties, Cable Management Loops and, Ground Plate & Ground Wire
  • Knock-Out Holes on Top & Bottom
  • Pole Mounting
  • Fence Post Mounting
  • Multi Purpose Vented Utility Box
  • Solar Equipment
  • LED Controllers
  • IoT Devices
  • WiFi and RFID Gear
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Outdoor Weather Protection
  • Protection Against Theft or Damage
  • Warehouses and Public Areas
  • Concealment of Equipment
  • Home Automation
  • Vented Battery Box

Pole Mount Vented NEMA Enclosure

The Altelix NP171406V-PKIT is an industrial quality general purpose vented weatherproof utility box designed for mounting to poles and posts. It features our NP1171406V PC+ABS Plastic Utility Enclosure and our NMKG-283-08 pole mounting kit. Two 3 inch air vents covered by rain shields with cleanable screens make this enclosure ideal for protecting small devices from harsh environments and tampering, while allowing ventilation for installed equipment or batteries.

Construction and Features
This enclosure is molded out of UV resistant Polycarbonate + ABS, an industrial grade plastic with greater strength and durability than standard ABS. It features a gasketed hinged door with dual latches, a stainless steel security screw and provision for a padlock. Knock-out holes are provided on the top and bottom. Meets or exceeds NEMA Type 3R, 3RX and IEC IP24.

Pole Mounting
The included Pole Mount Kit features (2) galvanized steel brackets and (2) stainless steel adjustable bands that accommodate poles up to 8 inches in diameter. For larger diameter poles, such as utility poles, longer bands can be used.

Complete with Cable Glands and Wire Management Accessories
This enclosure includes an assortment of cable grommets that can be installed in the knock-out holes for a weather resistant seal. The enclosure comes from the factory with (2) cable grommets installed. The included accessory kit contains cable glands, zip ties, wire management loops, grounding plate and ground wire, door locking key and more.

Cable Glands
The enclosure includes (2) unique cable glands with a closed inner seal. They can be installed in the open ports to maintain the NEMA rating of the enclosure when not in use. When required for use, simply punch a hole through the inner membrane, run your cables and tighten for a water-tight seal.