Altelix eero™ Mount - Compatible with eero™ 2nd Gen Mesh WiFi Router

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  • Compatible with eero™ 2nd Gen Mesh WiFi Router (Model J010011)
  • Perfect for use in network cabinets and enclosures
  • Secures and protects your eero™ mesh WiFi router
  • Includes wall mounting hardware and heavy duty double sided automotive adhesive tape for mounting to most surfaces including glass, mirror and tile
  • Hook and loop strap included for installations subject to vibrations

Have an eero™ Mesh WiFi Router But Don't Know Where To Put It?

The Altelix eero™ Mesh WiFi Router mount provides a simple and easy to use solution to mount and secure your 2nd-Gen eero™ mesh WiFi router. Ideal for wall mounting or network equipment enclosures, it can be attached to most surfaces including glass, mirror and tile using the included heavy duty double sided automotive adhesive tape. For wall mounting, screws and wall anchors are provided.

Easy to Use
This mount is specifically designed for use with the 2nd-Gen eero™ mesh WiFi router. Installation is easy, simply slide the eero™ router into the mounting cradle. For installations subject to vibrations, an optional hook and loop strap is provided to secure the eero™ router within the mounting cradle. The Altelix eero™ router mount is designed so that it will not interfere with any of the ports on the eero™ router such as power and Ethernet.

eero™ is a trademark trademark of EERO, LLC.