Blank Non-Metallic Equipment Mounting Plate for NF141206 & NF141208 Series Enclosures

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Altelix NHP1412P-00 is a Non-Metallic equipment mounting plate for use in the Altelix NF141206 and NF14208 Series NEMA enclosures. Made from 0.20" (5.0mm) thick polyester, it can be easily drilled and modified by the installer to suit unique site requirements. Equipment can be mounted to the plate by using self-tapping screws. This plate is ideal for RF applications since it will not interfere with the operation of wireless gear.

Mounting Plate Material 0.20 In. (5.0 mm) Polyester
Mounting Plate Dimensions 10.9 x 12.8 in. (276 x 324 mm)