SH - Bus-Drop Cable Clamps

Adalet SKU: SH-50 13282


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Supports cable up to 1-1/8" diameter. Uniform “lap” design of

each clamp-half results in support along the entire quarter bend.


• Anchors cable for 90° angle transitions using a simple, twopiece

construction of interchangeable clamp-halves.


• Loops excess cable for convenient handling and out-of-the-way

storage, via the Sky-Tie™ SHD Duplex Converter. The SHD

reduces the need to cut cable when machines are moved to new

locations. The SHD converter simply fits between the two halves

of the Sky-Tie™ SH cable clamps.


• Uses: Machine Tools, Portable Tools, Air Lines, Other

heavy-cable support applications.


• Sky-Tie™ Springs Heavy-duty Sky-Tie™ Springs insure

tautness of the cable, while absorbing vibrations and shocks.

Each spring slips into the Sky-Tie™ clamp at its outside bend (or,

if using the SHD Duplex, the converter’s outside bend), and ties

back to a structural member. Three spring models with

maximum load capacities of 60, 70 and 160 pounds.