CHKO Series Painted Steel Enclosures with Hinged Cover and Quarter Turn Latch Includes Removable Knockouts


SKU: CHKO663 Hammond Manufacturing

Designed for general purpose indoor commercial use as a junction, pull or switch box.  Hinged cover with latch provides easy access during installation and maintenance.


    • Formed and spot welded from 16 or 14 gauge steel depending on size.
    • Formed steel covers close by use of slotted quarter turn latch.
    • Full swing door using butt hinges.
    • Easily removed knockouts on all 4 sides (see drawings for sizes and locations).
    • Through holes in back for wall mounting.
    • Grounding location embossed in body.


    • Enclosure and cover are finished in ANSI 61 gray powder coating.


    Catalog Spec Sheet



    CHKO663                    CHKO644                    CHKO664

    CHKO864                    CHKO884                    CHKO1084

    CHKO10104                CHKO1284                  CHKO12104

    CHKO12124                CHKO16124                CHKO18124 

    CHKO666                    CHKO886                    CHKO1086

    CHKO10106                CHKO12106                CHKO12126

    CHKO16126                CHKO16166                CHKO18126

    CHKO18186                CHKO24186                CHKO24246               

    CHKO30246                CHKO36246                CHKO36248