Diecast Aluminum Enclosures 1590 Series

Hammond Manufacturing SKU: 1590SFL


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General Purpose, Wall-Mounting, Water-Tight, Colors



4.35 in x 3.24 in x 1.73 in
(110 mm x 82 mm x 44 mm)

Material Aluminum (Die-Cast Alloy)
Color Natural Aluminum
IP Rating IP54
Product Category Enclosures
Type Die-cast box, flanged
Max. P.C. Board Length (mm) 74.68
Max. P.C. Board Width (mm) 102.78



NOTE: Gaskets are included with watertight 1590 enclosures.  They can also be purchased as a kit if you'd like to upgrade an IP54 enclosure to IP65.

  • Each kit includes two pre-formed silicone gaskets.
  • Gaskets include adhesive backing for easy installation.
  • Allows enclosure to be machined and/or painted first and gasketed later.
  • Gasket is applied to the lid.
  • Gasket as a temperature rating of -40C to +150C
  • Designed to meet IP65 with properly installed gasket and lid screws torqued to 25-30 cN.m (36-43 ozf.in).
  • Refer to part number table below for correct gasket.