900 - 1300 BTU/H Indoor Air Conditioner DTS Series Type 12 Side Mounting

Hammond Manufacturing SKU: DTS3021A115LG


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  • Compact design for side mounting on any enclosure surface where hot spot cooling or low capacity cooling is required.
  • Closed loop cooling ensures clean enclosure air is recirculated without ever mixing with contaminated ambient air.


  • Maintains enclosure's NEMA 12 rating
  • IP 54
  • UR, cUR and CE


  • R134a refrigerant.
  • Thermostat control accessible from inside enclosure.
  • Expansion valve increases efficiency with improved evaporator heat transfer and less frequent compressor operation.
  • Direct condensate discharge via 1/4" NPT threaded port.
  • Continuous air circulation from high capacity fans.
  • EMI/RFI suppression meets CE.
  • Door contact for power down when enclosure door is opened.
  • Gasket, mounting kit and template for cutout and drilling are included.
  • Washable aluminum mesh filter

  • Part No.

    Electrical Data DTS3021A115LG DTS3021A230LG
    Rated Voltage 115 V 60 Hz 230 V 50/60 Hz
    Range of Operation 103- 127 V 207-253 V
    Power Consumption 325 W 315 W
    Running Amps 3 2
    Starting Current 10 5
    Line Cord With Plug With Plug

    Refrigeration Data
    Cooling Capacity +95/+95F +35/+35C 1194 BTU/h (350 Watts)
    Type of Refrigerant R134a
    Refrigeration Charge 150 g
    Adjustable Control Range +50F..104F / +10C..+40C Factory setting +95F/+35C
    Max Ambient Air Temp +114F (+45C)
    Min Ambient Air Temp +46F (+8C)
    Air Capacity (unrestricted) Internal 38 CFM
    External 30 CFM
    Condensation Discharge Condensate Drain
    Filter Mat Aluminum Mesh
    Db noise level <64 db
    Unit Weight 30 lbs (13.6kg)
    Exterior Case Galvanized sheet metal