Aluminum Chassis 1444 Series Aluminum Body Walnut Side Option

Hammond Manufacturing SKU: 1444-16CWW


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Key Features:

  • Spot welded - heavy duty construction chassis.
  • Natural aluminum finish (as shown above) - also available in painted steel with walnut side panels).
  • Side panels are made from solid walnut and routed out to fit over ends of chassis (pre-punched for easy mounting).
  • Walnut side panels attach with four machine screws & lockwashers (included) into metal inserts to avoid wood damage. Screws should not be torqued past 4.43 ( 50 cN.m).
  • Usable surface of chassis front, back and top are reduced by roughly 7/8” (22 mm) due to inset in walnut sides.
  • Optional bottom plates are punched with 4 holes – 3/16” diameter.
  • Bottom plate hardware not provided, please order separately - Part number 1421J6 (Pkg. of 6, 6-32 Philips head screws).
  • NOTE: our steel chassis covers (1451 series) are NOT compatible with this series.

Photo Features

Standard version shown inside and out.

Six sizes available with walnut sides.

Optional bottom panels available for all sizes.

Protective covering on aluminum is perfect as a layout tool.