Copper Busbar GRDBAR Series Horizontal Copper Busbar


SKU: GRDBAR600 Hammond Manufacturing

The GRDBAR Series comes in vertical, horizontal mounting as well as horizontal rack mounting. The grounding bar is made from heavy-gauge copper that attaches to the inside of an enclosure, cabinet or open frame rack to provide consolidated equipment grounds. Ground points have been drilled and tapped to accommodate a #10-32 screw (included). Use with our Ground Wire Kits to bond your equipment to the busbar.

HME Busbar Specifications:

  • Constructed of Solid 0.125” Copper with 10-32 drilled and tapped holes and
  • 1-0.312 main ground point.
  • Mounts directly to grid straps or frame mounting surface.
  • Busbar kit includes (quantities depend on product)
    • ​1x Copper Busbar
    • 10-32 x 0.5 Screws
    • Flat Washers


Rack Mount Busbar Specifications:

  • Available in both 19 and 23 inch rack mounting widths.
  • Constructed of Solid 0.188” Copper Bar
  • Includes ten (10) 10-32 drilled and tapped holes spaced at one (1) inch.
  • Includes two (2) Ø 0.31 ground lug holes.
  • Mounts directly to EIA mounting rails.
  • Busbar kit includes:
    • ​1x Copper Busbar
    • 10x 10-32 x 0.375" Screws
    • 2x 10-32 x 0.625" Screws
    • 2x 12-24 x 0.625" Screws
    • 2x 0.25" Flat Washers
    • 12x #10 Flat Washers
    • 1x Instruction bulletin