NEMA 4 Mild Steel Wallmount Disconnect Enclosure Eclipse Series Hinge Door with Handle (Flange with multi - vendor cutout)


SKU: EN4DSC20228GY Hammond Manufacturing

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  • Designed to house the following safety disconnect equipment:
    • ABB Controls flange mounted variable depth operating mechanisms for disconnect switches and circuit breakers. Cable version for circuit breakers also available.
    • Allen Bradley 1494V variable depth flange mounted disconnect switches and circuit breaker operators NEMA 4 rated. Will not accept Allen Bradley 1494F disconnect switches, 1494D circuit breaker operators or 1494V-R1, -R2, or -W2 operating handles).
    • Cutler Hammer C361 variable depth flange mounted disconnect switches and C371 circuit breaker operators. Also Flex-Shaft™ handle mechanisms for circuit breakers. Use Cutler Hammer NEMA 4X rated operating handles to maintain NEMA 4X integrity.
    • Siemens I-T-E Max-Flex™ flange mounted variable depth handles for disconnect switch and circuit breakers. Use handle for NEMA 4 rating.
    • General Electric Type STDA flange handles and variable depth operating mechanisms for disconnect switches and circuit breakers. Also SpectraFlex™ cable operators for circuit breakers.
    • Square D Class 9422 disconnect switches with flange mounted variable depth operating mechanisms or cable mechanisms and Class 9422 flange mounted variable depth operating mechanism or cable mechanisms for circuit breakers. SN4SS enclosures will not accept Square D Class 9422 bracket-mounted disconnect devices, 9422TG1 or TG2 devices.
  • Refer to the Type 4 Wallmount Selection Guide.


  • UL 508A Type 3R, 4
  • CSA Type 3R, 4
  • Complies with
    • NEMA Type 3R, 4, 12 and 13
    • IEC 60529, IP66
  • Appropriate components are required to maintain these standards.


  • Formed 14 gauge doors with 16 or 14 (36x32" and larger) gauge steel.
  • Continuously welded seams.
  • Larger sizes include door stiffeners.
  • Formed lip on door and enclosure exclude flowing liquids and contaminants.
  • Cutouts and holes are provided to suit the flange handle operating mechanism.
  • Doors may be easily removed for modifications and are interchangeable.
  • Door is secured with easily operated 2 or 3-point handle.
  • Cover interlock bracket is included on the door.
  • Collar studs are provided for mounting inner panels.
  • Removable inner panel is sold separately.
  • Seamless poured-in place gasket.
  • A bonding stud is provided on the door and a grounding stud is provided in the enclosure.
  • Includes hardware kit with panel mounting nuts and sealing washers for wall mounting holes.
  • Disconnects and operating mechanisms are not provided with the enclosure, and must be ordered separately from the manufacturer.


  • Cover and enclosure are finished in recoatable smooth ANSI 61 gray powder coating.


Enclosure Optional Inner Panel
Part No. H W D Part No. H W
EN4DSC20228GY 20.00 22.00 8.00 EP2020 18.17 18.17
EN4DSC24228GY 24.00 22.00 8.00 EP2420 22.17 18.17
EN4DSC24268GY 24.00 26.00 8.00 EP2424 22.17 22.17
EN4DSC30268GY 30.00 26.00 8.00 EP3024 28.17 22.17
EN4DSC36268GY 36.00 26.00 8.00 EP3624 34.17 22.17
EN4DSC36328GY 36.00 32.00 8.00 EP3630 34.17 28.17
EN4DSC423212GY 42.00 32.00 12.00 EP4230 40.17 28.17
EN4DSC423812GY 42.00 38.00 12.00 EP4236 40.17 34.17
EN4DSC483812GY 48.00 38.00 12.00 EP4836 46.17 34.17
EN4DSC603812GY 60.00 38.00 12.00 EP6036 58.17 34.17