NEMA 4X 6P Enclosures Watertight Flanged Lid 1555F Series

Hammond Manufacturing SKU: 1555BF22GY


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  • Designed for harsh industrial environments or outdoor applications (security, outdoor wireless, controls etc. etc.)
  • Ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards, panels or DIN rail mounted components (see photo features for details).
  • Designed for wall mounting.  Interior is secure as lid screws are behind the lid. Can be made more secure if wall mounted with security screws (tamper resistant screws).
  • Satin texture finish with smooth recessed surface on lid for a membrane keypad or label
  • Standoffs molded in the interior of the lid & enclosure - designed for #4 x 1/4” self tapping screws (our part number 1555TS100)
  • Choice of two materials:
    • General purpose ABS plastic (material carries a UL flammability rating of UL94 HB). Not recommended for outdoor use.
    • Polycarbonate (material carries a UL flammability rating of UL94 5VA @ 3mm) - Recommended for outdoor use.
  • Color is a light gray (RAL 7035) to help keep heat absorption down.
  • Gasketed lid with two piece “tongue & groove” construction provides protection against access of oil, dust and water.
  • Gasket is one piece made from high temperature, U.L. listed silicone.  Supplied loose inside the enclosure (not pre-installed).
  • Designed to meet NEMA Type 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 12 & 13 ratings which meet and exceed IP ratings up to and including IP68. 
  • Polycarbonate version is UL 508A listed (File # E65324).
  • Lid is secured with included M4 stainless steel machine screws which are threaded into corrosion resistant bushings for repetitive assembly & disassembly. All hardware is designed to avoid corrosion caused by harsh environments over time. 
  • Internal features are maximized for mounting options and vary with size:
    • Internal DIN rail mounting tabs molded into lid (except smaller 1555CF22 & 1555CF42 enclosures).
    • Standoffs (#6 self tapping screws) for P.C. board or inner panel 

Photo Features:

Cover features a smooth recessed area perfect for membrane keypads or labels. Base features robust mounting flanges capable of withstanding abuse.

Galvanized steel inner panels are available (refer to table below).

Internal features include mounting bosses for PC boards or inner panels. DIN rail mounting locations on all but size "C" models. Silicone gasket with tongue and grooves construction provides a water-tight seal.


Part Numbers

ABS Polycarb (UL Listed)
Part Number Part Number Length Width Height Inner Panel Replacement Gasket (Pair)
1555BF22GY 1555B2F22GY 2.56 2.56 1.67 1555BFPL 1554BGASKET
1555EF17GY 1555E2F17GY 3.55 3.55 1.48 1555EFPL 1554EGASKET
1555EF42GY 1555E2F42GY 3.55 3.55 2.46 1555EFPL 1554EGASKET
1555CF22GY 1555C2F22GY 4.70 2.60 1.65 1555CFPL 1554CGASKET
1555CF42GY 1555C2F42GY 4.70 2.60 2.44 1555CFPL 1554CGASKET
1555FF17GY 1555F2F17GY 4.70 3.60 1.47 1555FFPL 1554FGASKET
1555FF42GY 1555F2F42GY 4.70 3.60 2.44 1555FFPL 1554FGASKET
1555NF17GY 1555N2F17GY 4.70 4.70 1.47 1555NFPL 1554NGASKET
1555NF42GY 1555N2F42GY 4.70 4.70 2.44 1555NFPL 1554NGASKET
1555JF17GY 1555J2F17GY 6.30 3.60 1.47 1555JFPL 1554JGASKET
1555JF42GY 1555J2F42GY 6.30 3.60 2.44 1555JFPL 1554JGASKET
1555RF17GY 1555R2F17GY 6.30 6.30 1.48 1555RFPL 1554RGASKET
1555RF42GY 1555R2F42GY