Terminal Straps and Brackets 1414/EJ/PJ Series Enclosures

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  • Used to provide convenient mounting for terminal blocks in 1414 Series enclosures and some sizes of "PJ" Series enclosures.
  • Finished in white.

Bracket Assembly

  • Each kit consists of two brackets.
  • "C" channel construction provides easy alignment of terminal straps.

Terminal Strap

  • 1.5" wide x 0.187" thick steel.
  • Each strap includes spring locking hardware.
  • Countersunk holes in straps provide extra terminal mounting space.

How to Order

  • Each enclosure requires one bracket assembly kit and the required number of straps (Strap Part No. corresponds to enclosure dimension "A" and is mounted parallel to same, Bracket Part No. corresponds to enclosure dimension "B" and is mounted parallel to same).
  • Example: For a PJ864L enclosure, order one 14B6 bracket assembly and a minimum of one 14B8 terminal strap kits. Additional terminal strap kits will provide additional mounting space.

Single Strap Usable Bracket (Pair) Fits PJ
Part No. L Mounting Space Part No. W A B C Enclosure
14S8 6.19 4.30 14B6 6.00 5.00 4.25 1.55 PJ864...¹
14S10 8.19 6.30 14B8 8.00 7.00 6.25 1.55 PJ1086...¹
14S12 10.19 8.30 14B10 10.00 9.00 8.25 2.79 PJ12106...¹
14S14 12.19 10.30 14B12 12.00