Type 3R Current Transformer Cabinet HCT Series Single and Double Door Enclosures

Hammond Manufacturing SKU: HCT302411H


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  • Designed for use as Current Transformer Cabinet to house and protect instrument current transformers in outdoor applications.
  • Can also be used as a general purpose enclosure for various junction, meter, transformer and relay applications..
  • Provides protection against rain, sleet, snow and dripping water.


  • UL 50 Type 3R
  • Complies with
    • NEMA Type 3R
    • IEC 60529, IP24


  • Body and covers formed from 14 gauge galvanized steel (12 gauge for units 30" and wider)
  • Mounting studs for optional inner panels
  • Integral drip shield top and seam free sides
  • Mounting holes provided through back of enclosure
  • Permanently installed lift off hinges
  • Removable doors
  • Single door design with hasp/screw closure. Double door design with handle.
  • Padlocking provisions provided
  • ANSI 61 Gray Polyester Powder finish inside and outside


  • Cover and enclosure are phosphatized and finished with a recoatable ANSI 61 smooth Gray powder inside and out.


Type of Enclosure Optional Panel
Part No. Door H W D Part No.
HCT302411H Single 30.00 24.00 11.00 18P2721
HCT362011H Single 36.00 20.00 11.00 18P3317
HCT363011H Single 36.00 30.00 11.00 18P3327
HCT363611H Single 36.00 36.00 11.00 18P3333
HCT482411H Single 48.00 24.00 11.00 18P4521
HCT483011H Single 48.00 30.00 11.00 18P4527
HCT483611H Single 48.00 36.00 11.00 18P4533
HCT484814H Double 48.00 48.00 14.00 18P4545