N4X FG CHTL Series Fiberglass Enclosures with Hinged Cover and Twist Latch

Adalet SKU: N4X-FG-060404CHTL-23840


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Adalet's CHTL Series protects against unwanted elements while providing top-quality durability and safety.  

Standard Features

•  Twelve standard sizes available        
•  Twist latch for quick entry
•  Full length stainless steel hinged cover
•  Integral mounting flange 
•  Cover opens full 180°+
•  Mounting bosses with threaded brass inserts for mounting panel installation
•  Poured polyurethane gasket provides water-tight, dust-tight seal
•  Light weight and impact resistant

Design Options

•  Mounting panels
•  Drilled entries and cut-outs available
•  Molded in custom colors
•  Silk screening, paint, and decals


•  Hot compression molded fiberglass reinforced polyester (thermoset)
•  Non-corrosive and UV resistant
•  Smooth surface, no color variations, swirls, or color pockets
•  Non-flame propagating and chemical resistant


Catalog Spec Sheet



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N4X-FG-060404-CHTL_PDF N4X-FG-060404-CHTL_DWG
N4X-FG-060604-CHTL_PDF N4X-FG-060604-CHTL_DWG
N4X-FG-080604-CHTL_PDF N4X-FG-080604-CHTL_DWG
N4X-FG-080804-CHTL_PDF N4X-FG-080804-CHTL_DWG
N4X-FG-100804-CHTL_PDF N4X-FG-100804-CHTL_DWG
N4X-FG-121005-CHTL_PDF N4X-FG-121005-CHTL_DWG
N4X-FG-121206-CHTL_PDF N4X-FG-121206-CHTL_DWG
N4X-FG-140706-CHTL_PDF N4X-FG-140706-CHTL_DWG
N4X-FG-141206-CHTL_PDF N4X-FG-141206-CHTL_DWG
N4X-FG-161406-CHTL_PDF N4X-FG-161406-CHTL_DWG
N4X-FG-181608-CHTL_PDF N4X-FG-181608-CHTL_DWG
N4X-FG-201608-CHTL_PDF N4X-FG-201608-CHTL_DWG