N12 Disconnect Enclosure with panel Steel/Gray

Hammond Manufacturing SKU: 1447SE12


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  • Designed to house the following safety disconnect equipment:
    • ABB Controls flange-mounted variable depth operating mechanism for disconnect switches and circuit breakers. Also cable version for circuit breakers.
    • Allen Bradley 1494V variable depth flange mounted disconnect switches and circuit breaker operators. Will not accept Allen Bradley 1494F disconnect switches, 1494D circuit breaker operators.
    • C-H Westinghouse C361 flange mounted variable depth operating mechanism with disconnect switches and C371 flange mounted variable depth operating mechanisms for circuit breakers. Also Flex-Shaft™ handle mechanisms for circuit breakers.
    • General Electric Type STDA flange handles and variable depth operating mechanism for disconnect switches and circuit breakers. Also SpectraFlex™ cable operators for circuit breakers.
    • Siemens I-T-E Max-Flex™ flange mounted variable depth handles for disconnect switches and circuit breakers.
    • Square D class 9422 disconnect switches with flange mounted variable depth operating mechanisms or cable mechanisms and Class 9422 flange-mounted variable depth operating mechanisms or cable mechanisms for circuit breakers. Will not accept Square D Class 9422 bracket-mounted disconnect devices, 9422TG1 or TG2 devices
  • Refer to the Type 12 Wallmount Selection Guide.


  • UL 508A Type 12, 13
  • CSA Type 12, 13
  • Complies with
    • NEMA Type 12 and 13
    • IEC 60529, IP54
    • Appropriate components are required to maintain these standards.


  • Formed 14-gauge steel.
  • Continuously welded seams.
  • Larger sizes include door and body stiffeners.
  • Welded brackets provide for enclosure mounting.
  • Formed lip on door and enclosure exclude flowing liquids and contaminants.
  • Cutouts and holes are provided to suit the handle, operating mechanism and door closing mechanism.
  • Continuously hinged doors may be removed by pulling the hinge pin.
  • Latch pivots and cover interlock brackets are welded to the door.
  • Cover latch bars for door handles are provided.
  • Collar studs are provided for mounting inner panels.
  • A removable 12 gauge inner panel is included.
  • Seamless poured-in place gasket.
  • A bonding stud is provided on the door and a grounding stud is provided in the enclosure.
  • A literature pocket is provided.


  • Cover and enclosure are finished in ANSI61 gray powder coat finish inside and out.
  • Inner panel finished in white powder coat finish.
  • Disconnects, operating mechanisms and door hardware are not provided with the enclosure, and must be ordered separately from the manufacturer.
  • Enclosures with an "A" dimension under 40" require 2 point door closing hardware.
  • Enclosures with an "A" dimension 40" or more require 3 point door closing hardware.