Plastic Flanges 1591 FLANGE Series For 1591 and 1591XX Series

Hammond Manufacturing SKU: 1591FABK


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Key Features

  • Designed to allow for easy mounting of 1591 series or 1591XX series enclosures to a wall or shelf.
  • Includes one flange, molded from fire retardant ABS plastic (material carries a UL flammability rating of 94V-0). Satin texture finish.
  • Easily glued to enclosure using standard ABS cement (not included).
  • Flange ends are raised on one side to allow easy positioning of enclosure during gluing process.
  • Four molded counter sunk holes allow for easy installation to wall or shelf.
  • Oval hole in each side of flange allows the unit to be strapped or hung via tie wraps.


Black Flange Gray Flange Use With Enclosure Series Length Width
1591FABK 1591FAGY 1591A, 1591AS; 1591XXA, 1591XXAS 4.93 1.85
1591FBBK 1591FBGY 1591B, 1591BS; 1591XXB, 1591XXBS 5.41 2.31
1591FCBK 1591FCGY 1591C, 1591CS; 1591XXC, 1591XXCS 5.71 2.43
1591FDBK 1591FDGY 1591D, 1591DS; 1591XXD, 1591XXDS 6.97 3.01
1591FEBK 1591FEGY 1591E, 1591ES; 1591XXE, 1591XXES 8.66 4.20
1591FGBK 1591FGGY 1591G, 1591GS 5.74 3.54
1591FHBK 1591FHGY 1591H, 1591HS 7.51 2.64
1591FLBK 1591FLGY 1591L, 1591LS; 1591M, 1591MS; 1591XXL, 1591XXLS 4.34 2.08
1591FUBK 1591FUGY 1591U, 1591US; 1591V, 1591VS 5.72 4.59