Pole Mounting Kit PMK Series

Hammond Manufacturing SKU: PMV2024GY


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  • Designed to mount outdoor rated enclosures - Hammond 1414N4, Eclipse, Eclipse Junior, HWHK, and 1418N4.
  • Individual components allow users to choose the mounting configuration and/or components to purchase
  • This pole mount kit is a 2 or 3-part system.

Choose Vertical Channel:

  • The vertical channel can be lagged directly to a pole or attached using optional stainless steel straps
  • A vertical channel prevents the enclosure from twisting. Can be used on pole diameters from 4" and up

Choose Horizontal Channel:

  • Horizontal steel channels (sold in pairs) come with all hardware needed to secure the enclosure

Choose Straps (Optional):

  • Stainless steel straps are sold separately in quantities of four (4)
    • PMSTRAP40 straps are rated for 450 lbs each and can be used for pole diameters up to 10"
    • PMSTRAP55 straps are rated for 250 lbs each and can be used for pole diameters up to 15"