Breather Kit (Pressure Compensation Plug BDN Series)


SKU: BDN4XN1 Hammond Manufacturing

  • Packaged individually.
  • Provides for controlled pressure compensation due to temperature variations (i.e. night/day operation).
  • When mounted to bottom of enclosure, this unique design provides a method of effectively draining moisture from within the enclosure
  • Recommend two plugs per cabinet in opposite locations.
  • Pipe Thread 1/2"NPT (actual dia. 0.813")
  • Recommended Torque 10 NM

Part No. BDN4XN1
CSA/A Ex Approvals: Class I, Zone 1, Ex e II
Class I Division 2 Groups ABCD
Class II EFG, Class III
Ingress Protection: IP66, CSA Enclosure Type NEMA 4X
Impact Resistance: 20Nm (7Nm GF Nylon)
Materials: Durethan BKV 30 N1 30% Glass Filled Nylon
O Ring Nitrile
Fixing nut Brass
Operating Temp: -50C to +85C